MGA Cheer Programs

 Based on the American All-Star Cheerleading (as seen in ìBring It Onî). MGA Cheerleading includes Stunting, Tumbling and Dance. In this style the cheerleaders learn how to correctly perform stunts with each other. They also learn how to tumble, and gain strength and flexibility though this aspect. The dance section is broken into two parts. The first fits in with the cheer section, as movement between stunts and tumbles. The second is separate to ëcheerí known as ëPomí which involves dance only with few tumbles, limited stunts and the use of Pom-Poms.  It is for boys and girls of all ages. 

MGA is a child safe facility and expects children and young people who participate in its activities to have a safe and happy experience. We respect children, young people, Aboriginal and cultural and linguistically diverse cultures, people with a disability, staff, volunteers and other participants. Our aim is to protect the safety of children in our care and prevent abuse occurring.

Levels Program

Cheer can be done as a recreational pastime, to assist this we offer a Cheer levels program where participants progress through a levels program  that provides assessments and awards in all aspects of cheerleading. This can be done by any cheerleader interested in achieving their levels, including cheerleaders in the competitive program.

 Competitive Program

 Competitive Levels

The cheer section is divided into levels. Each level includes specific rules and limitations based on the athletes abilities in order to ensure athletes are fairly judged. MGA currently offers levels 1-3 with the intention of progressing to higher levels in the future.

Age Divisions

MGA currently offer a junior cheer squad (14yrs & under) and an open cheer squad (14yrs & over). With the introduction of new faces we will look at opening up new divisions such as senior, teen, youth, & tiny depending on the number of new cheerleaders to join us!


MGA Participates in competitions that are run by the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation and also in competitions run by World Cup Cheer and Dance.