MGA Gymnastics Programs

We run numerous programs to suit boys & girls from beginner to advanced levels in recreational and competitive programs. Whatever your gymnastics requirements we have something to suit you. MGA is a child safe facility and expects children and young people who participate in its activities to have a safe and happy experience. We respect children, young people, Aboriginal and cultural and linguistically diverse cultures, people with a disability, staff, volunteers and other participants. Our aim is to protect the safety of children in our care and prevent abuse occurring.

Your gymnastics journey starts off with a short assessment class to determine what level you start at, then you continue with one of the programs below.

Recreational Programs

Bouncing Bilbies

An hour session for walking to 5 year old children, both boys & girls, to introduce the fundamental basics of life in order to begin an awareness of body management, co-ordination and self confidence. 

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks is for children to learn the basic skills of gymnastics.  This hour long class is aimed at beginner boys and girls.


Grass Hoppers is a program for children to start to perfect the basic skills of gymnastics. This 1.5 hour class is based on level 2 of the Australian Levels Program. Children can attend more than one day.


 Gazells is a recreational level program at a more advanced level. These sessions go for 1.5 hours, it is preferred that gymnasts train two times a week. It is based on ALP Level 3.

Shooting Stars

Two sessions per week for the advanced gymnast who wishes a challenge! This class is designed to achieve confident body management for gymnasts that wish to progress further in Gymnastics. It is based on ALP level 4. 


Competitive Programs

Gymnasts are selected for entry into these competitive program. Regular training sessions for continued improvement and the attainment of levels in the Australian National Levels stream. Gymnasts compete in various club invitationals and the Victorian Championships (Level 3-10). Competitions are local, State and/or National. Commitment and dedication to training are key elements expected from gymnasts.