School Gymnastics Program

Melton Gymnastics Academy is dedicated to providing quality gymnastics to people of all ages and abilities within the community. Our aim is to involve as much of the community as possible in gymnastics related sports.

Gymnastics incorporates fundamental movement skills required in all types of physical activity and will help students develop the coordination needed for all sports and for leading an active lifestyle, it should be included in every school’s physical education program. By participating in a Gymnastics program students will develop their skills, strength and fitness all while having a great time. Furthermore, gymnastics is not just a work out for students bodies, but also for their brains, with activities designed to help with learning, concentration and brain development. Gymnastics will also help develop students social skills through team work and cooperation.

Melton Gymnastics Academy is offering a program for schools to bring their students into the gym and learn the fundamentals of gymnastics.

The program involves teaching students the basic shapes and techniques used in gymnastics, as well as specific techniques and skills used for individual apparatus. We utilize all gymnastics apparatus, giving students an appreciation of the differences and similarities between the boys and girls apparatus.  

The classes are planned as one hour classes to fit in with school sports/PE times, but can be longer if the school wishes. The program can run for as many weeks as the school wishes, but we recommend a minimum of four weeks, this allows time to learn basic shapes and skills on all apparatus. Longer term programs can cover more advanced skills.

Multiple term programs can be arranged. This can give the school an opportunity to add an additional competitive sport to their curriculum. The aim of this would be to train throughout the year and then take part in the Schools Victorian Championships in September. These championships comprise the Primary Interschool Gymnastics Championships and the Secondary Interschool Gymnastics Championships. The competitions are planned for students doing limited hours, with modified rules and requirements designed to assist schools in participating.

Gymnastics Victoria encourages Schools to work with their local gymnastics club to develop and deliver programs that offer students the opportunity to have fun, be physically active and develop skills for life!

Melton Gymnastics Academy is set to deliver our standard program or one tailor made to suit the needs of any school requirements.

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